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Extending the Luxury Accommodation Experience; The Perfect Picnic Possie

Extending the feeling of luxury and indulgence outdoors is a fine line between authentic happening and overproduced catering. We live for the creative process to develop the perfect luxury picnic possie drawing inspiration and foundation from untouched ancient landscapes. Old meets new. Country meets city.

With over 800 acres of wildlife sanctuary and historical farmland it is easy to find a myriad of plots to perch a pituresque picnic, luxury luncheon or outdoor bush lounge room with friends or family. We cater mostly to couples for picnics and luncheons and small intimate groups for special occasions of overnight guests.

Our standard picnic and luncheon menu changes to meet seasonal produce quality. We love to play on rustic cleverly created cuisine and adopt resourceful sustainable slow food movement principles. Creating recipes from our own homestead garden; our ever growing extension of the pantry we aim to become as self sustainable as possible. Local producers like Moore Farm Fresh Produce contribute some of our finest ingredients such as garlic, honey, homemade jams and pickled goods. Sustainable and ethically produced salmon, pork and lamb products also make it to the table.

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