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Foodie Files | Esca Bimbadgen Vineyards

If you must sneak out of our sleepy little town for a taste of the other end of the wine district, we recommend a visit to Bimbadgen Estate’s restaurant Esca.

Esca’s contemporary restaurant design features large glass windows and an open balcony so the views over the Bimbadgen vineyards to the Brokenback ranges are absolutely breathtaking.

The ambience is clean, vibrant & friendly. Boasting thought provoking modern Australasian, the palettes of the dishes are intricate yet light and cleanly balanced. The tasting plate with accompanying wines was a standout dish, but I hear (and may have had a nibble on) the pork belly, which was really up there too!

You can explore restaurants like Esca an Bistro Molines in luxury by one of our wine and dine adventures.

Esca is open every day for lunch and dinner Wednesday to Saturday.


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